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Clubhouse                     Golf Shop
Clubhouse: (559) 439-3483             Golf Shop: (559) 439-3359
Clubhouse Fax: (559) 439-6456                 
Clubhouse Staff:             Golf Shop Staff:

Lee Castro
General Manager 


Tommy Masters
Director of Golf Operations


Shaun Piele
Food & Beverage Director

Tina Solis
Director of Membership and Marketing

Denise Melton
Accounts Receivable

Natalie Kirk
Accounts Payable


2019 Board of Directors

           Tim Thompson, Club President | Jim Beecher, Vice President
                    Adam Holt, Secretary | Chris Morse, Treasurer
                    Gordy Webster | Frank Vargas | George Tamberi 
                   Jerry Magdaleno | Larry Schneider | Mike Jura

Clubhouse Committees | Committee Chairman

Finance Committee - Chris Morse
Membership Committee - Gordy Webster
Social Committee - Jerry Magdaleno
Greens Committee - Jim Beecher

House Committee - Adam Holt
LGA Captain - Allison Karahadian
SGA - John Norton